Noronha Historical Walk

The way up to Remédios fortress offers a privileged view of the secondary islands and beaches of the “Inner Sea”. The walk ends at the touristic terminal of Cachorro. A cultural adventure!

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Noronha Historical Trail

Discover the history of Noronha, which merges with Brazilian history itself. During the walk along Vila dos Remédios we visit important sites of the historical heritage of the island, including those kept at the Noronhense Memorial.

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Noronha Abreus Trail

From the top of the hill we contemplate the beautiful views of Abreus Beach, with its pristine natural pools. Our walk to the beach follows a steep downward slope, but the effort is worthwhile.

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Noronha Capim-Açu Trail

Surrounded by native rainforest, with access to the Sapata Lighthouse and stunning lookouts, this region is considered the most preserved area of the island.

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Noronha Atalaia– Pontinhas – Caieiras Trail

This tour includes a trail along the coast of the “Outer Sea”, stopping at amazing lookouts for sightseeing and photographing. One of the main attractions is the stops for swimming in the ocean in beaches such as Atalaia Beach. We end up the tour along a pebble trail up to Caieiras Beach. Departure time varies according to tides’ schedule.

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