Cachoeira do Rio Preto e Rodas

It is a 3 hours walk from the village to the waterfall Rio Preto, returning through the das rodas waterfall . One of the most visited trails by inhabitants of the valley to have a very nice route and its waterfalls are great for bathing.

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Águas Claras do Morrão

Great walk of 3 hours to Morrão or 2 hours and 30 minutes to “Aguas Claras”. Another fantastic attractive Capão Valley trail.

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Full day tour: Cachoeira da Fumaça falls and Riachinho river

“Cachoeira da fumaça” is probably the best trekking in the national park. Considered the highest waterfall in Brazil and the fifth in the world, with 370 m high.

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Adventure in itacaré: rafting and zipline

One of a great adventure in Itacaré is the Tree climbing consisting of crossing bridges, linking several trees forming an acrobatic route near the tops. Activities such as trapeze, spider web, zip lines and others are some of the challenges you will face in this tour.

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3 days tour in Chapada: Vale do Pati, get ready for the adventure

The Pati Valley (Valle do Pati) is located right in the heart of the Chapada Diamantina National Park, and its lush beauty, it is one of the most visited places by those who like to go hiking in natural environments.

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