We provide a complete travel platform with all type of products that you may wish to enjoy for a complete experience in our country.


Selection of the best service providers and hoteliers around Brazil. Our priorities are quality, safety and comfort for all.


We are here to hear to you. Either for a booking, an orientation or for a problem resolution, we´ll listen to you and we´ll help you.

Easy booking. Best monitoring.

When you make a reservation through the platform, both the concerned supplier and our team will receive the notification. If necessary, one of our travel consultants will contact you to ensure every detail is accurate.
You do the research and plan your vacation exactly how you want it, and we’ll make sure your plans become a reality.

Travel with excellence. Talk with a friendly voice.

Prefer to talk with a friendly voice once you have explored our booking site? Schedule a meeting and talk to a travel consultant, or send us an email. We’ll plan your holiday how you want and within your suggested price point.

Our Approaches

We work hard to make the best services and hoteliers selection in the most popular Brazilian destinations. Traveling is a pleasurable choice and we understand this well. And we want you to have as much choices as possible for a true and complete experience.

Rockstar Team

A knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated travel team at your service. We provide a customer focus unlike any in the travel industry, focusing on the unique needs of our customers that rely on travel to succeed. We know what every organization needs from its travel service provider: attention, savings and results.

Fabrice Theveny profile
Fabrice Theveny

Travel manager

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Giselle Schaeffer

Travel consultant

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Fabio Passos

Managing edition

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Carolina Dias

Travel assistante


It is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created. Our ideas have to be your future memories.


We know that no one can sell their product or destination better than a well informed, professional travel agent.


Our philosophy lies in our passion. Your passion is exploring the world Ours is orchestrating your journey.