Chapada dos Guimarães


The natural magnificence of Chapada dos Guimarães justified the creation, in 1989 of the national park that bears his name. In the conservation area and its surroundings are the largest sandstone cave in Brazil, waterfalls as emblematic Bridal Veil, a profusion of orange walls of stone and beautiful rivers. Recently, the city gained a structured ecotourism park. Many restaurants only open at weekends when hotels often fill.

The park is near the town and concentrates some attractions. To see the principal, as the Gruta Azul and the Cave Aroe Jari.
The Chapada dos Guimarães is a single script. The place is home to several waterfalls with crystal clear waters which flow into the Pantanal, in addition to beautiful lookouts with indescribable views. The National Park of Chapada dos Guimarães is the main tourist attraction of the place, there are waterfalls, caves, lakes and trails, all this amidst lush nature of the cerrado.



The best time to enjoy the region is the dry season, which runs from April to September. From November to March rainfall is constant, but the heat encourages waterfall baths. Avoid the winter when there is cloud cover as the view of the landscape is affected. The animation is higher on weekends, when Cuiabá inhabitants enjoy the beauty of the park.



Chapada dos Guimarães is located in the State of Mato Grosso, in Brazil, in the central region of South America, more precisely between the geographic coordinates 15º 10 ‘- 15º 30′ South latitude and 55 ° 40 ‘- 56 00 longitude west, the city has about 6,000 km2, is situated on the edge of the Brazilian Central Plateau, the city is 860m above sea level.

It is also judicious to add few days in the Pantanal as you are already in the region and it is a great destination.

By plane

There are many flights leaving all Brazilian capitals to Cuiabá on all airlines such as Tam, Gol and Azul.

In Chapada there is no airport, only a small airstrip on a farm for emergency.

By bus

There are buses coming from most Brazilian cities to Cuiabá, the “Swallow” companies, “Andorinha”, “Mota”, “Eucatur”, “Colibri”, “São Luiz”, “Nacional”, are some operating in the region,

Cuiabá to Chapada, Viação Rubi and the Express chapadense make the trip in 1 hour in conventional buses, and 1h 30m in “urban” type.



The tranquil waters of the Cristalino River are perfect for canoeing, and the hotel provides comfortable safety equipment. You can often combine hikes with canoeing on a single outing. Moreover, the chance to glide silently along the river not only make it easier to enjoy the scenery, but also enhances the possibility of spotting birds, monkeys…

Nature hikes along the 30 km (18.5 mi) of trails within the reserve, in small groups, provide an understanding of the tropical ecosystem. The trails pass through different types of vegetation, such as terra firma forest (Evergreen forest not subject to flooding), wetland forest, tropical campinarana and upland areas where deciduous forest predominates – with bare branches and beautiful bromeliads in flower during certain parts of the year.

First stop at the loukoout of the cliffs of the Chapada and stop for photos, visit of the marina and harbor Manso Manso dam. Then we dive in the Enchanted Aquarius River. We follow the village for a delicious bath in the creek resort stowed with the various types of fish.

Waterfalls of ‘7 de Setembro’, ‘Cachoeira do Pulo’, ‘Cachoeira do Degrau’, ‘Cachoeira da Prainha’ e ‘Cachoeira das Andorinhas’ with possibility of swimming in all them. During the tour visitors will have contact with the geologic mosaic that makes up the ‘plateau’, knowing from primitive rocks of the continent, as Phyllite, and newer formations, such as Furnas and Ponta Grossa.



What to consider before traveling?

  •  Appropriate clothing:

Light clothing, shirts, shorts, tight shoes foot for walking, and that can be wet, rain gear (October to May), coat (always cool at night, especially from May to September), a small backpack to carry snack and water during the walks, binoculars, cameras are always welcome, a cap or hat, absorbent socks and thick to not give blisters.

  •  How long to stay?

The ideal is to stay at least 4 days, there are a number of trips to be made with scripts for at least 10 days without repeating programming. If you have more time, we recommend a trip to the Pantanal which is very close to Chapada.

  •  Vaccines

To come to Chapada dos Guimarães, it is not necessary to take any vaccine, only to who is going to the Amazon region of Mato Grosso shall get the yellow fever shot. It is recommended to update the anti-tetanus vaccination and anti-hepatitis vaccination “B” only for those who go to the Amazon region.

  •  Mosquitoes

Only in dawn and dusk is near water bodies the occurrence of mosquito “gunpowder”, also called “porvinha”. We recommend using repellents only for allergy sufferers, but are forbidden to bathe in waterfalls, especially within the National Park Chapada dos Guimarães.

  •  Sunscreens

The sun Chapada, especially during the dry season (May to September), is strong, we recommend using, especially in excursions with hiking stretches, but the IBAMA also demands not to allow bathing in waterfalls using sunscreens, and bonzeadores oils.

  •  Snakes and Venomous Animals

Accidents with snakes and other venomous animals are extremely rare, in 11 years of activity, customers never suffered any accident with snakes, spiders and scorpions.

  •  Hospitals and Pharmacies

The Santo Antonio Hospital Tel: (65) 301-1116 situated in the city center has regular doctors, with a small surgical interventions for small, an emergency room for emergencies, an old X-ray machine, and a few dozen beds for admissions, goes by the SUS (National Health System). It has two ambulances to shift to the Emergency Room of Cuiabá and other hospitals in the capital. The city has three pharmacies that stay open till 21 hours, two in the center and one in San Sebastian neighborhood with reasonable stock of medicines.



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