Morro de São Paulo


When we say that Brazil is the country of diversity, Morro de Sao Paulo is one of the best ways to illustrate this feature. This Atlantic island attracts not only for having beautiful beaches and natural pools with clear water. There is for the nature lover and the adventurer looking for a deserted beach full of coconut trees.

Everyone can marvel at Morro de São Paulo, no matter if they come as backpacker or as five-star luxury of a resort package. Morro is the face of Brazil. The world has already fell in love for the island, probably because of the fact to walk in the streets with no cars and where you can listen to the different accents of Spanish, English, Hebrew, German, Finnish, Japanese, Portuguese, baianês. Everyone has their space.

Morro de São Paulo is one of the most talked about destinations in Brazil and no wonder why . Its sandy streets give a preview of the simple lifestyle of the natives, and upon arrival we surrender to the local climate. Taxi to take the bags? There yes, but are wheelbarrows that follow always full of bags. Wear light clothes and slippers on his feet, and enjoy a walk in the breeze coming from the sea, it is the best option.

The six thousand inhabitants of the region live mainly of tourism. Visitors come from all the world’s places in search of sun, people, contact with nature and adventure. And the island has it all! The farther from the center, are becoming more deserted beaches and the closer … the greater where is all the buzz of people and restaurants. In Morro, it is still possible to go diving, hiking, do water sports or go down the longest zip line in Brazil.



The best time to visit Morro de São Paulo for those who want to shake is the summer (high season). The sea is also more blue, with warm waters and frequent parties. With the arrival of November, the island is beginning to receive tourists worldwide, but the peak occurs in the New Year’s Eve and carnival.

The sun appears almost year-round, although they occur less sunny days during the months of May, June and July, because of the rains. The climate is hot and humid and the average annual temperature is in the house of 24 ° C. The maximum temperatures rarely exceed 30 ° C, and minimum, 21 ° C.

If you want a little more quiet, escape the curse and the bustle of people, go in the off season, which is the period of lower prices. It also recommends avoiding holidays and the dates listed above. From December to March.



Morro de São Paulo is an island 300 km of Salvador, so it is not possible to drive this destination. You will have to choose one of the options listed below to reach the village.

It is true that making that transfer is not the easiest of tasks, but when you arrive, you will find that it is worth the effort! The most common way to make the trip from Salvador to Morro is by the sea (catamaran), it is recommended to get pills to not get sick, especially in the way back.

By plane

You can reach Morro plane through air taxi companies, and the trip takes 25 minutes. It is the most comfortable way to reach Morro, but also the most expensive.

By catamaran

The catamarans and boats that leave from Terminal Marítimo in Salvador takes about two hours to get to Morro de São Paulo, but this time may vary according to sea and weather conditions.

Although, despite to be efficient to go by sea, it can be also a problem. If you’re busy, it’s common for people to feel sick. The larger the vessel, the less you feel the rolling of the sea.

Because of these problems, indicate the crossing made part by land, partly by sea, by boat. The discomfort of nausea greatly reduced if you can make the most of the way to the ground but it takes much longer to go this way.

By land + sea

It is one of the cheapest options to reach Morro, but it can also be time consuming if you make the journey on your own.

You will go by ferry boat and then by car until Valença, then you will take a boat to Morro de São paulo.



Morro de São Paulo is just perfect as a beach destination. There are unlimited kilometers of sandy beaches, reefs and natural pools. Perfect to relax or enjoy some tours of the region. It is a great place to meet people from the world to make few memorable parties.

Below is the description of available tours in Morro de São Paulo.

During the breeding period, the humpback whales seek tropical regions species to mate and give birth to baby whales. For this reason every year these whales migrate from Antarctica towards the warm and tranquil waters of the Brazilian coast, staying in Brazil during months from July to October. All this for our pleasure.

The tour ‘Tour of Tinharé Island’ is the most known tour of Morro de São Paulo. It’s a real tour of the islands of Tinharé and gives tourists an overview of the Archipelago. It is a small boat trip guided with professional of the navigation which know very well the region.

Tour to the quiet and beautiful beach of Garapuá. Garapuá is one of the surprises of the archipelago Tinharé. The beach is located after the beach of Morro de São Paulo and is separated from it by a mangrove. The tour to Garapuá is made by 4×4 that run parallel road located behind Morro de São Paulo´s second Beach.



What to consider before traveling?
  •  To get in Morro de São Paulo, you will have to pay a touristic fee of R$ 10; so do not reach the island without any money.
  •  Wear light clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen and drink water. The heat is very strong there! Worth putting a cold blouse too – after catching the sun all day, many people feel cold with the breeze coming from the sea at night.
  •  Put in the bag a small flashlight. In some areas the island has very little lighting; therefore, the flashlight not only helps you locate, but it ensures greater security.
  •  Check the tide chart! It is through it that you can know when the tide is low and consequently when they form natural pools.
  •  Plan how much you spend. Morro has only one ATM Banco do Brasill and a lottery home where you can withdraw money. As the demand is very large, in high season the ATM runs out of money constantly. Many establishments accept credit card, but ideally carry some notes with you, because not everything is possible to pay by card.
  •  If you have problems with motion sickness to navigate, avoid the Salvador-Morro de São Paulo crossing in small boats. The larger the boat, the smaller the impact of the balance of the sea. Go with the transfer option by land + by sea.



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