Angra dos Reis

ANGRA DOS REIS – Gateway to Ilha Grande

Nature has been generous to the bay of Angra dos Reis, presenting her with no less than 365 islands sprinkled in a sea of green and crystal clear waters. The best way to know them is by boat, outings that lead to paradise and varied scenarios. On the menu are isolated places – the favorite of the rich and famous to erect their shelters – and popular beaches, such as the dentist beach, where bottling of boats and yachts is constant in the high season. There, stewardship has plenty of room – the floating bars bring drinks and snacks to the vessels after the requests were made via radio.

Creek was awarded also with a diverse and colorful marine life, which makes the region one of the country’s best diving spots. Besides fish of numerous species, molluscs, crustaceans, turtles and moray eels, as fans of the activity are hidden wrecks.

Who bet only on the basic equipment such as mask and snorkel, also did not disappoint – on the outskirts of boots islands, postcard destination, there are many beauties to be enjoyed underwater.


Angra dos reis can be visited all year long, Autumn (March to June) and spring (September to December) will be the best seasons in terms of mild temperatures and clear days. The movement is great and intense in the summer (December to March) – usually rain in the end of the day.

Summer can surprise in terms on number of people on the island, the hotels are crowded and there are queues for ferries. To enjoy the music festivals, go between June and July or in December.



It is accessible either from Rio de Janeiro (157KM) or from São Paulo (360 kms). We will obviously recommend to arrive by plane in any airport of Rio de Janeiro or better, stay for few days before in Rio de Janeiro.

We will suggest to book regular or private transfers for a better comfort and the assurance that everything will be going well.


What to consider before traveling?
Consider the time of transportation to avoid delay to arrive at the airport. 1 hour of Catamaran and 2 to 3 hours to reach Rio de Janeiro airports.

Sunscreen and sun glasses. Especially if you go for the island tour by boat. Repellent for mosquitoes.

For those who are subject to seasickness, remember to get pills before the boat ride.

There are no ATM machine on the Island, think of getting cash before to reach the island. Ask your driver to stop a the cash machine. It is however possible to pay by Credit card on the island.

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