Ilha Grande


If nature is your passion, Ilha grande is your destination.
If you like adventures, nautical ride, kayak paddle, walk trails through the forest, using a mountain bike, do scuba diving or snorkeling, surfing, bathing in river and waterfall, enjoy beaches rustic restaurants and bars, so you will enjoy Ilha grande. Here is a lot of interaction with nature, proximity to some small wild animals such as monkeys and squirrels, birds, gulls, insects, lizards, crabs, frogs, turtles, stingrays and dolphins.

The arrival on the Island, already has a bit of adventure and it makes it already very special. The fact of having no connection to the mainland by bridges, no roads, certainly has great influence on its preservation. No cars and motorbikes. The lack of electricity in some communities, brings us to the last of tranquility, without (necessarily) the comfort of the modern world.

It’s simple, rustic, natural, the place where people turn back to their origins, feet back on the floor, the beautiful nature emerges the good things … Ilha grande, has legends, curiosities, stories & stories. Jailbreak the defunct prison, stories of fishermen, the past with pirates, slaves, farms, prisons. It is beautiful and grand in nature.

With 106 beaches, Ilha Grande has 155 km of coastline, villages distributed in its 193 km2 and is located southeast of Angra dos Reis.



Ilha Grande can be visited all year long, Autumn (March to June) and spring (September to December) will be the best seasons in terms of mild temperatures and clear days. The movement is great and intense in the summer (December to March) – usually rain in the end of the day.

Summer can surprise in terms on number of people on the island, the hotels are crowded and there are queues for ferries. To enjoy the music festivals, go between June and July or in December.



Ilha Grande is an island located 1 hour away from the continent reachable only by boat from different points but the most common is the pier of Angra dos Reis.

It is accessible either from Rio de Janeiro (157KM) or from São Paulo (360 kms). We will obviously recommend to arrive by plane in any airport of Rio de Janeiro or better, stay for few days before in Rio de Janeiro.

We will suggest to book regular or private transfers for a better comfort and the assurance that everything will be going well.

How to proceed to reach Ilha Grande?

1) Transfer IN from Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos reis.

2) Transfer IN by Catamaran from Angra dos Reis to Ilha Grande (50 min to 1 hour)

3) Same in the way back. We will recommend to depart as early as possible to avoid delay in case you have flight to get. Traffic jam can be a serious issue in São paulo or Rio de Janeiro.



Ilha Grande is perfect for those who want to relax in an authentic tropical island. But it is also a great place to walk, bath on waterfalls, do a boat tour and for the reckless person surfing in the other side of the island.

Walking can be considered the main activity in Ilha grande and for each time you will go, you will find the unexpected beauty: astonishing lookouts and fantastic beaches. You just need a good pair of sneakers, disposition and spirit of adventure. Lopes Mendes, enseada de Araçatiba, Saco do Céu, enseada de Palmas…


Biking on the beach is no longer need to be the scene of romance for lovers, or for those seeking adventure action. Lovers pedal has a wide range of lightweight bike tours on Ilha grande There are two roads and several hikes through the forest or bordering the sea providing enchanting scener.


With so many natural wonders to see, it’s not hard to guess that promenades is held by most leisure visitors to the Ila grande and preferred by those who DO NOT want or can not accomplish great physical effort. Tour are operated with Speedboat or Schooners, large for a memorable tour of the island. You will make some stops to bath and snorkel in the pristine waters.


 The island is a paradise where you will love to relax. Either in hammock or on the beach, you will appreciate the slow rhythm of the life in the island.


What to consider before traveling?
Consider the time of transportation to avoid delay to arrive at the airport. 1 hour of Catamaran and 2 to 3 hours to reach Rio de Janeiro airports.

Sunscreen and sun glasses. Especially if you go for the island tour by boat. Repellent for mosquitoes.

For those who are subject to seasickness, remember to get pills before the boat ride.

There are no ATM machine on the Island, think of getting cash before to reach the island. Ask your driver to stop a the cash machine. It is however possible to pay by Credit card on the island.



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