Fluctuate by crystalline rivers full of fish, hike the trails and bath in pristine waterfalls. Even with all the available structure to tourists, many sites seems untouched. No need to be a sportsman or adventurer to enjoy its attractions: here it is possible to be in nature without much effort and supported by professionals who understand the place. Travel bonito

IT’S ALL TRUE. Even being a destination that involves many water activities, Bonito can be visited in winter without problems. The temperature of the water from the springs remains constant throughout the year, around 24 ° C – cool in summer and warm in winter. On cold days, the hard part will be out of the water.

In any fluctuations, the classical picture is that of every visitor, into the water and surrounded by fish. Rio Sucuri, it is not necessary to worry about taking camera or special cover for shooting underwater: a photographer accompanying the tour will provide you the best pictures.

It is Time for adventure and fun.



The “best time” to go to Bonito is somewhat relative; after all, it depends on the taste of each one. The two main features of the local climate are dry and rainy seasons, which reflect different weather conditions. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each, take stock and then make up your mind about which time is preferable to travel.

The rainy season, between December and March, coinciding with the summer, when intense heat and temperatures at around 35 ° C. During this period the waterfalls are fuller; the forest, more greener – but there are fewer fish in the rivers because of the spawning season. You need to know that with the rains, tours can be cleared and river water is blurred.
From mid-December to early February the sun shines in Blue Lake Cave (Gruta do Lago Azul), making the lake view even more exuberant.

Like other tourist destinations, months of vacation and holidays in hotels require reservations made in advance. If you want to travel during Carnival, be sure to schedule, as the city is packed! Another tip is to pay attention to the accommodation, because they are offered many educational and professional events in Bonito, which ends up moving the hospitality industry throughout the year.

For those who enjoy music, the Winter Festival, which takes place in late July, is a great opportunity to be in town.


Bonito is just at 300 kms away from Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul capital. The city has its own airport, but it is not the best option to reach the final destination because the flights are few and expensive.

The best alternative is to take a flight to Campo Grande and go from there in a car, van or bus to Bonito.

It is also judicious to add few days in the Pantanal as you are already in the region and it is a great destination.

By plane:

Bonito Airport receives flights only from Trip airline, on Thursdays and Sundays, and their tickets are not cheap. Therefore, the Campo Grande International Airport, with daily flights with several companies is the best option.

Upon arriving at the airport, we will program a transfer you to Bonito.

The 300 km between Grande and Campo Bonito can be covered through the BR-060 / BR-419 or 262/419.

As the tours leave from different parts of the city – some very distant from the center – to have a vehicle is perfect to save and move with ease.



Bonito has a lot to offer and for all the family. From the simple walk through the bushes, passing by a bath in the crystal clear river water to the diving in the abyssal Anhumas well. Bonito is simply and truly a fantastic natural attraction park.

Two different passages with many obstacles, in quad individual always followed by one yoiur guide. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Walking tour in the Ciliar forest along the Chapena’s River, with stops for bath and contemplation in waterfalls. After lunch, you will enjoy a boat tour until the rising of the river.

6 Kms of fun over the river, in a inflatable small boat, where you will pass for waterfalls and rapids. In the stretches of calm waters, you will have the chance to contemplate the local flora and fauna.

A delicious tour in crystalline waters of the Formoso’s River, where you will go down rapids in individual buoys.

Horse riding tour made in areas of pastures with great possibility to spot wild animals, with a delicious stop for bath in crystalline waters of the Formoso’s River, days of full moon offers a fantastic ride at night.

The tour begins in the city center. After training, starts the journey of 05 km on a dirt road, right down to the Echo Park Historical Museum. The route back to town is done by the same route being terminated at the town square.

Downhill of 72 meters height crack in the rock to arrive to an enormous flooded cave, where you will have the chance to make a small boat ride to float under the submerged cones. For who has credential for diving, it will be possible followed by instructor.

This attractive activity has for purpose the practice of rappel in the trees passing for some obstacles, false Bahian, tibetana bridge, zip line, pênsil bridge, everything with much security.

The tour starts in a platform with a gorgeous appearance of cânion of the Salobra’s River, where you will go down 90 meters height to the side of the biggest waterfall of the state. At the end of the tour, you will have the chance to refresh in the waterfall.

Trail around of one of a dolina with 124 meters of depth and 500 meters of diameter, that it makes possible a panoramic vision of its interior, where the plough-red and other birds return to the end of the day. At the bottom, there is a lake with some alligators, surrounded for an interesting and deep density of bushese.

Descending for one trail making stops for comment of the limy formations. Then, it has a wonderful bluish water lake. It is dry cave which require simple equipment such as tennis.

You´ll initiate the tour with a suspended trail among the pantries of the trees, until arriving at a wonderful cave with a great variety of espeleotemas (stalactites, stalagmites, nests of perolas and coraloides calcareous rock formations that had been sculptured by the nature to the long one of the year millions), return with electric cars.

Hike in the forest to get ot the spring of the Baía Bonita’s River where you go down the river floating calmly and observing the flora and the local fauna, plus jump and zip line at the end. The return is though the animal trail where are caimans, wolf and tapir.

For the visitor who wants to discover the wonderful spring of the Baía Bonita’s River to see the fish without entering in the water and visit the center of research with some animals. You will enjoy the excellent structure that offers Museum, swimming pools, store of craft work and restaurant.

Hike of 1.500 meters before to start the scuba diving activity, where you will swim in the crystalline waters of the Formoso’s River, you will go down passing for rapids and being able to make free diving.

The tour starts with a small trail, with stops in lookout for comment about the local fauna and the springs of the Sucuri’s River, followed by the fluctuation activity, where you will go down for 1,500 meters floating calmly among the fish and the aquatic plants.

We start the walking tour with 40 minutes in the Ciliar forest, until arriving at the spring of the Olho d’ água, where we will start to a fluctuate for 2.500 meters, without support boat. A new great adventure.

Walking tour in the Ciliar forest along the Mimoso River, where you will be able to interact with the nature, and will have the chance to visit six gorgeous waterfalls.

Walking tour in the Ciliar forest along the Chapena’s River, with stops for bath and contemplation in waterfalls. After lunch, you will enjoy a boat tour until the rising of the river. Travel bonito

Walk in one of the most beautiful forest of the region, with stops for contemplation and bath in the natural swimming pools and waterfalls, where you will discover the highest waterfall of the state, and at the end of walk, you´ll stop at a lookout with a gorgeous appearance of the cânion of the Salobra’s River.

A fascinating tour through the bushes of the Mimosa River, with pretty orchids and other beautiful plants. Contemplation and bath in various waterfalls, rich in limy formations. This tour offers an unforgettable interaction with the nature.

A pleasant day in the farm, with hikes in the forest making stops for bath and contemplation of waterfalls. At the headquarters of the farm, a delicious lunch is served. Travel bonito



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