Fernando de Noronha


Fernando de Noronha Brazil, off the Brazilian coast, is part of a stunning archipelago made up of 21 islands. You can find beautiful pousadas with breathtaking views of the Baia do Sueste (South East Bay) and its dramatic sea cliffs, volcanic rock formations rising out of the turquoise blue waters of the Atlantic ocean.

This is the perfect destination for honeymooners and couples.

Wildlife viewing opportunities are endless and the area is particularly renowned for its excellent scuba diving ad snorkelling. Come face to face with over 200 species of fish, dolphins, and sea turtles. Explore the beautiful surrounding countryside or simply relax by the sea in comfort and luxury.

This is the Paradise for surfers with its world class waves breaking on the beach with the most amazing scenery once out of a tube.



Fernando de Noronha is an amazing place, regardless of the chosen time, it will be a pleasurable trip. However, the weather and sea conditions vary throughout the year.

The natives say that Noronha has two seasons: a dry (August to February) and a rainy season (March to July). But being in the rainy season does not mean that it will rain every day – there are sporadic rains and even in this period you will enjoy good days of sunshine. It is good to remember that the rains make the dirt roads get filled with mud and this is a very unpleasant fact for those who need to walk.

For those who enjoy surfing, the months from December to March are good, but January and February are the best, with such good waves that make the island known as the Brazilian Hawaii. Known internationally, Fernanado de Noronha receive an important competition with surfers from over the world. For those who are Scuba divers or prefer a quiet sea, the ideal is to travel in September and October when the sea is calm and the visibility reaches 50 meters.

The average temperature in Noronha is 28 ° C and throughout the year it remains stable. The sea, as well as clean, is always at around 24 ° C. Noronha is warm all year long, so take lots of light clothes, keeping in mind that the wind make the temperature colder at night.

The period chosen for your trip implies also find accommodation and services. The holiday periods, such as late December, January, February and July, the island is more crowded. The difference is so significant that in a New Year’s Eve period, the daily of a buggy can cost up to USD 600, while in May, the same service costs USD 180. Between April, May and June the chances to find good prices is higher. This is also applicable for flights.

Remember that regardless of the date, Noronha is always warm and beautiful, and is a true delight for the eyes.



The Noronha Archipelago is 545km away from Recife and 360 km from Natal; therefore, you can only reach via plane or boat. The option most used by tourists is to go by plane, of course – which, besides being fast, it’s comfortable.

The amount of flights to Noronha is regular and do not increase in order to maintain preservation. The island has just 17 km² and one of its greatest charm is having few people and be a quiet place. More people means more environmental impact, and nobody wants to destroy the beauty of Noronha.

By plane

Direct flights to Noronha leave from Recife (Gol) and Natal (Trip / Azul) and take about an hour. If you live in other Brazilian cities, you must make a connection in these airports to reach the final destination.

Much time of the year, going to Noronha is not cheap. Even in the low season, this is one of the most expensive destinations in Brazil. Airlines do not offer good deals to go to the archipelago.

Both the number of visitors coming into the island as the number of residents and workers are limitedand controlled. All this in order to be a sustainable destination, that impairs as much as possible the environment.

Pilots usually do a scenic flight loop with a simply amazing view, so it is worth reserving seats on the windows to enjoy the scenery. Left window on the way, right window in the return flight to see the best of Fernando de Noronha.



The Fernando de Noronha Aquipélago stirs the imagination of worldwide travelers. The place is reputed to be a paradise on earth, and you know what? Really. Some of its beaches are the most beautiful in Brazil, water has an incredible color and marine life … It is so rich that it’s almost impossible to describe. The diving is considered one of the world’s best, and even on the beaches, you can swim among small sharks and turtles.

It is also very much reputed for young couple who desires to spend a week in a paradise.

Below is the description of available tours in the island.

Noronha is the paradise for who like to hike. In every corner, you´ll be amazed by the natural beauty of the Island. Visit its Museums, Churches, St. Michael Palace and Ruins with stops at the beaches and to finish the day with the sunset.
Noronha is the paradise for who like to hike. In every corner, you´ll be amazed by the natural beauty of the Island. Visit its Museums, Churches, St. Michael Palace and Ruins with stops at the beaches and to finish the day with the sunset.

To enjoy some of the finer points of the Archipelago, a great option is a boat trip organized by local companies. There are several routes that take visitors to some of the most beautiful places on the islands. Great swims expected.

With its crystal-clear water and rich marine life, the archipelago is a heavenly retreat for underwater pleasures. All kind of dive excursions are offered from the initiation to the experienced levels.

Buggy ride or by 4×4. The tour begins in the morning with stops for swimming in the main beaches of the Island with a lunch break before returning to the beaches to enjoy more sights and the end of the day enjoying the sunset.

Towed by a boat holding a body board, using a provided mask and snorkel. It is very easy to handle the board. Leaning down, you will maneuver in the water and you will come back up to the surface. An interesting way to explore the underwater life. Fernando de Noronha

The island is a paradise where you will love to relax. Either in hammock or on the beach, you will appreciate the slow rhythm of the life there. Iyt is the perfect place to get beautifully tanned to prove to your family who fantastic were your holidays. Fernando de Noronha way of life



What to consider before traveling to Fernando de Noronha?
  • To access the best archipelago of Brazil, you will need to pay a conservation fee to the State of Pernambuco. The rate is not at all cheap (R$ 43.20 per day). And as payment is required, it is best to do so by the official website of Noronha, two to three days before your trip. Paying for the site and not at the airport you avoid a queue that always forms in the arrival of flights.
  •  Book your hotel in advance. Accommodation prices in Noronha has rarely good – as everything on the island – trust our travel agents and you will have more chances to find alternatives, good offers in the right place.
  • Credit cards are accepted in major hotels and restaurants, but in some places the transaction is only in cash. There is Santander bank in Vila dos Remedios, a 24h cash machine at the airport, and one at the supermarket. But do not rely solely on ATMs. As a precaution, take a little money before your arrival.
  •  From December to July, this is the breeding season of the turtles. During this period you can follow the activities of the Tamar Project, which include spawning, measurement or hatching nests. It’s beautiful to see.
  •  Take lightclothes, because it is always very hot in Noronha. Worth the tips also to have in case, a cold clothing for those who are more sensitive to the wind.
  •  If you own snorkel equipment, do not forget at home. It is possible to rent on the island, yes, but bringing your own set, you do not have the work of rent and have to pay out.
  •  Mobile phones work, in Noronha, but not in all parts of the island. Most of the hotels haveWifi connection for guests.
  • Sunscreen and repellent have tobe in the bag every time you leave the hotel. When programming a dive, be sure to pass protector on the ears, back and butt – these parts burn easily.
  •  It is always good to bring water and a cookie in his backpack because the beaches have almost nostructure.
  •  Take the basic medics that you use on a daily basis because the pharmacies in Noronha can be expensive and, moreover, can not have the medicine you need.



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