Fortaleza, the capital city of the State of Ceará, has been for decades one of the most popular destinations of Brazilian tourists. In recent years, the fame of Fortaleza has been gaining the world, and the number of Europeans, North and South Americans travelers coming to Ceará has grown fast.

What attracts so many Brazilian and foreigners to Fortaleza? Rather than pointing out one single reason, it is safer to say that visitors are attracted by a combination of the sunny beaches, the busy and safe nightlife, the delicious culinary, the rich Brazilian culture, the very peaceful and friendly people.

Attractions abound in Fortaleza. Starting with the beautiful central border formed by the beaches of Iracema, Meireles and Fortaleza, united by the Avenida Beira Mar, a meeting point for tourists and residents at the time of sunset. The 11 km of the center, the Futuro beach is perfect for a dip too stewardship – the various stalls offer not only the typical crab claws and crab roasted snapper in coarse salt, but also fresh water showers, chairs, umbrellas and lots of entertainment.



Fortaleza is a warm city all year round, with average annual temperature of 27ºC. There are discrepant change in temperature between winter and summer; the average between one station and another only vary between 26 ° C and 28 ° C.

Although in heat throughout the year, it is important to note that the frequency of rainfall is higher in the first half, especially between the months of February and May. If you plan to travel during the rainy season, consider that the wind is constant in the city and, therefore, a day that starts cloudy can easily be sunny a moment later.

The winds are present year-round, helping to ease to refresh, and they are strongest between August and November; so this is the ideal time to travel if you practice windsurf or kite-surf.

Being a large city, Fortaleza receives events and concerts throughout the year. Carnival and New Year’s Eve are periods that deserve special care and advance to book hotels and buy flights because the city gets full. The Fortal, one of the largest off-season carnivals of Brazil, takes place in late July and is an excellent reason to visit Fortaleza.



Fortaleza has a modern airport that receives flights from different Brazilian and foreign airlines. For those already in the northeast and likes to make car trips, our advice is to take a serious care of the distances between Fortaleza and your point of origin. Distances in Brazil can surprise.

By Plane

The Fortaleza International Airport, Pinto Martins Airport (FOR) is one of the main means of arrival for those visiting the capital Cearese and destinations such as Canoa Quebrada and Jericoacoara. Companies like Gol, TAM, Avianca and Azul, as well as international KLM, Delta and TAP, have regular flights between Fortaleza and cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Belem, Brasilia and Recife.

By bus

As the distances between the Northeastern capitals are relatively small, make a bus trip is no big deal and not always take so long. Buses are also an interesting alternative for those who want to save money.



Fortaleza is a large city with over 2.5 million inhabitants; is attractive day and night, and in 3 or 4 days you get to know the main points of interest. Whether doing tours, enjoy the sea, the local culture and its beautiful restaurants, Fortaleza impressed by the huge variety of activities.

Those who visit Fortaleza already just think about its beaches. Spend a day in huge “Barracas” of Praia do Futuro, take a boat ride with the right view of Av. Beira Mar and walk on the boardwalk are extraordinary activities that go into the programming of thousands of tourists.

Below is the description of available tours in Fortaleza.

Discover the history and uniqueness of the beautiful city of Fortaleza, from colonial sights to the modern architecture of the fifth largest city in Brazil.
85 km from Fortaleza is Beberibe, one of the stars of the east coast of Ceará. The beach of Morro Branco makes a perfect combination of rustic and sophisticated beauty. Morro Branco is well known for its crafts made in glass(the famous ‘bottle of colored sand’). You will walk through the labyrinths formed between dunes and cliffs, We can find various shades of colored sand.

Have fun a the Beach Park Fortaleza. The Beach Park includes over 18 unforgettable attractions, classified into radical and moderate for the whole family. More than 7.793 million liters of water ensure lots of fun and excitement for visitors.

Considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, Jericoacoara (327 km from Fortaleza) resisted at harassment and preserved its natural beauty. Jeri (as it is affectionately called by locals), is representative of a protected ecosystem, flanked by dunes. Originally, it is a fishermen colonies, Jeri currently attracts visitors from Brazil and around the world.

Walk down a trail to the Mosquitos Waterfall´s top. Swim in small pools. Than a 20 minutes steep trail separate us from the Mosquito Waterfall´s botton and enjoy a shower under the waterfalls. This part of the tour is special for those who likes to “travel in time” with the visit of the Serra das Paridas and the Paridas old paintings.

En Route to preserved natural beauties. At 37Km east of Fortaleza, in the municipality of Caucaia, we find the Cumbuco Beach. Endowed with an excellent tourist infrastructure of hotels, bars and restaurants, Cumbuco is a beach that offers various leisure options, as the rustic raft ride, a fun donkey and horse ride, and the amazing buggy ride that runs through the dunes, with a break for photos and a refreshing swim in the Parnamirim lagoon.



What to consider before traveling?

  • Usually it is enough hot in Fortaleza. At the time of preparing the suitcase, put fresh and light clothing.
  • The winds are constant in Ceará and help to reduce the sensation of heat – so many people do not feel the sun burning. Wear sunscreen and a hat or cap is essential when visiting the region, especially because the indexes ultraviolet are extreme in this part of the country.
  • Lack of security is a subject that has attracted the attention of the residents of Fortaleza. It is advisable to take some basic precautions to avoid incidents, among them: do not walk in possession of valuables, using objects that minimize attention, avoid walking by empty streets and choose to call a taxi instead of walking at night. Insecurity is a problem in many Brazilian cities, mainly in the capital, and some little care can make a big difference, avoiding immeasurable disorders. Use extra caution when strolling around the urban fringe during the weekend (the busiest days) and the area of Praia do Futuro, which is considered a somewhat insecure region.
  • Ceará State is a much sought after by sportsmen who depend on the wind to practice their sports. Kite surfing and windsurfing are some of the sports played there.



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