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A fantastic rock formation, a system of quartz caves with crystal clear lakes and underground rivers, and you have the setting for some of the wildest eco-adventures in Brazil. Add in an historical diamond boom, prospectors, natural monuments and you have the 152,000 hectares of Chapada Diamantina national park in the northeast state of Bahia.

People come in search of the charm of Lençóis, the hospitality of its people, the many options of its bars and restaurants with regional and international menus – but principally to go on marvelous walks along rivers, swim in waterfalls, with a landscape of mountains, caverns and green valleys scattered all around the region – sites that offer diverse options for adventures, including trekking, climbing, and rappelling.

Chapada Diamantina, this is also Vale do Capão, a picturesque village in the heart of the National park. A very special place with a strong energy. It is where start several treks as The Fumaça falls, and the Vale do Pati.



It is always possible to go to Chapada Diamantina. The summer is a rainy season (November to January) can make muddy tracks, but leave the most torrential waterfalls. Between March and May, passed the summer rains, you will find the greenest Chapada; and between May and September, is unlikely to catch some rain.

The middle of the year – from May to September – is also the time when, on clear days, the “Gruta Azul”, “Poço Azul” and the “Poço Encantado” given the incidence of sun rays that offer their clear blue waters.



It is at about 450 km away from Salvador. We can get there either by plane (quite expensive) or by car or executive buses.

There are 2 main destinations, Lençois and Vale do Capão. Lençois is easy to reach by bus with direct buses from Salvador. Vale do Capão is slightly more complicated as you will have to go through Palmeiras on asphalted road and then get a 30 kms dirt road before to get to destination.

By plane

The airport Horacio de Matos (LEC), in the municipality of Lençois, receives regular flights from Salvador and is 20 km from the city center.

They are flights on Thursdays and Sundays
SSA output: 13h33 / LEC Arrival: 14:40
LEC output: 15.05 / SSA Arrival: 16h06

By land

By car you will have more freedom to organize your own itinerary, but to make better use of your time trace your route in advance, bring a map of roads and / or GPS.

Contract a driver to guide you to your destination or go by executive bus with 4 departures per day.



Who begins to study the Chapada Diamantina soon realizes that … won´t be able to do it all. It is difficult to take a long vacation enough to enjoy so many waterfalls, caves, wells, small rivers, treks and picturesque towns on a journey.

But do not worry. If the Chapada is your stuff, you will return again and again.

A first foray, choose the base that provides the experiences that best fit your profile, eventually supplementing with one or two-night stay in a second base, a point opposite to the park. We will suggest to go to Lençois and Vale do Capão.

Below is the description of available tours in Chapada Diamantina.

The smoke falls or fumaça falls or in portuguese “Cachoeira da fumaça” is part of Capão Valley attractions in the Chapada Diamantina National Park, which is located in Palmeiras municipality at an average altitude of 1000m. Considered the highest waterfall in Brazil and the fifth in the world, with 370 m of waterfall, the river at the top of the mountain has 1490 m of altitude. Sometimes, the wind prevents the water of the waterfall to hit the ground. Hence the name “smoke”: water spray on the descent, making a spectacle of colors and shapes amid the smokescreen.
Visit of the main points of the region such as 

Riberão do Meio waterfalls is just the perfect waterfalls to enjoy in family or friends. The rock formation offers a fantastic natural pool with a natural slope where you can slide and have fun (Be careful to not get hurt!). The place known as Ribeirão do meio , with its amazing natural slide and huge pool is one of the most popular tours at Lençóis. Localized about one hour walking from the city it is an excellent option for those who have only half day to spend. After this small trekking go on the top of the village and visit the river formation, it is just amazing.

Access to the pit of Angelica, natural pool surrounded by native bush, is a light trail (15 ‘) from the Village Pump, 8 km from Capon Valley. The walk to the Purification (after 1h), small water fall with cold fresh water, undergoes more closed, filled with ferns and bamboo extracts. A waterfall at the end of the breakwater with a well, a true sanctuary.

Walk down a trail to the Mosquitos Waterfall´s top. Swim in small pools. Than a 20 minutes steep trail separate us from the Mosquito Waterfall´s botton and enjoy a shower under the waterfalls. This part of the tour is special for those who likes to “travel in time” with the visit of the Serra das Paridas and the Paridas old paintings.

To get to Buracão, travelers must hire the services of an experienced guide. After a drive of about 30 kilometers to the start of the trail, including a creek crossing, with two other falls along the way – Cachoeira das Orquídeas and Cachoeira do Recanto Verde. A stop is made at Mirante do Campo Redondo, the lookout point overlooking the Round Field Valley, about 10 kilometers from central Ibicoara.

The Pati Valley is considered by many as the 3rd most beautiful in the world, but we have reason to disagree with this ranking. Besides the beautiful visual, we still have contact with the natives. Vale do Pati trek provides swiming in the rivers and waterfalls, and enable the visit to places like Blue Pit or Waterfall Buracão to relax after long days of walking.

This trekking is recommended for those with more willingness and spirit of adventure. Three intense days of walking on stones, rivers and camping in the woods. On the way a lot of concentration is needed because most of the time you will be rising, falling or experiencing riverbed. The arrival is the time to bathe in the cool waters and spot the huge wall of Smokey Falls. It is not recommended to do the trail in times of heavy rain.



What to consider before traveling?
  • Pay by credit or debit card is not a problem for those visiting Lençois as many establishments accept cards.
  • In Vale do Capão, it is another story, bring cash money, there is no cash machine and not many shops or restaurant which has credit card terminal.
  • The village of Lençois has ATMs (Banco do Brasil in the main square). Bring cash if you go to Vale do Capão.
  • If traveling during the rainy season, expect to find mud puddles on the streets and it might be quite dusty in the dry season.
  • Do not forget to pack the sunscreen and a hat or cap. The sun of Chapada diamantina is very strong, so be careful with burns.
List of material to bring for trekking:
  • Water
  • Backpack to carry your belongings (including snack when provided by us)
  • Camera -Raincoat
  • Hiking boots or sneakers
  • Light clothes for walking
  • Money if you want some option like zip lining, rappelling, soft drinks or souvenirs
  • Cap or hat
  • Specific medics
  • Light jacket for the day and one for the nights which can be colder.



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