Meet the capital of Rio Grande do Norte. Enjoy the delights of Natal, staying in Ponta Negra.
Known as Sun City, Natal is located in northeastern Brazil and offers visitors beautiful beaches, among them, Ponta Negra, located south of the city, which is one of the liveliest and most frequented areas. There, bars, restaurants and venues, you will find the Esmeralda Praia Hotel & Convention.

Natal, a happy city, with its pleasant climate and year round sunshine. All this beauty awaits you. Sea of warm temperature, sand dunes, beaches and fresh air. A haven of natural beauty embedded in the corner of the South American continent. Here, anyone is able to live strong emotions.

Who lives in a land so has stamped joy every day in the face. That’s why the Natal is so welcoming, always ready to receive and share the pleasure of living in this happy city.

Come see this paradise with miles of beaches and excitement to every inch. Come and experience, you will love it.



Being a city with many sunny days, Natal is attractive all year round. The city is always hot and has little rain. Take enough light clothing and take cover from the sun, because the sun indexes are extreme.

The average summer temperature is around 27 ° C, and in winter, 25ºC – the temperature does not vary much over the seasons. It rains more is winter, but it rarely rains several days raining in the city – this is very rare.
Unlike many cities in Brazil, the sun rises and sets earlier and who is not accustomed might get surprised of the time of the sunset.

The high season runs from mid-December until the end of Carnival, a time when there is more demand for hosting and more expensive rates. Natal also usually receive larger amount of tourists on holidays – seeking the city for its beaches.

The Carnival is another time that attracts many people. Natal is the scene of one of the largest off-season carnivals, which always occurs between late November and early December.

Who will pass the end of the year at the city will also be pleased to find a beautiful Christmas decoration. Every year the city varies in its effects and surprises visitors.



By plane, bus or car, to get to Natal is very simple. Just remember to book an hotel in advance not to run the risk of last-minute problems.

By plane

The main airport of Rio Grande do Norte is the Augusto Severo (NAT), in Parnamirim, metropolitan region of Natal. Despite being in another municipality, the way to Ponta Negra, the neighborhood of the hotels, can be done in 30 minutes. The airport is modern and has been undergoing improvements to better serve passengers.

By bus

The Natal Bus station is another option for those who want to get to Sun City. Companies like São Geraldo and the Itapemirim make the journey from different Brazilian cities.



Natal, known for its countless sunny days is the perfect city for those who want to rest on the sea front. Ponta Negra is the favorite place of tourists, but the journey must not be restricted to this. Who goes to Natal can not get stuck into the city – the south coast and the North have much to offer and part of the itinerary of those who want to enjoy the best parts of Rio Grande do Norte.

Who goes to Natal has to do at least the famous ride through the dunes of Genipabu, to Parrachos Maracajaú or Pipa Village, Rio Grande do Norte state does not disappoint. The tour is a must and full of emotion!

Below is the description of available tours in Natal.

Known as the land of sun and salt, also known as the BIGGEST CASHEW CITY. We will have free time to enjoy the Pirangi beach. After lunch, we will enjoy view from the ‘Morro do Careca’. We will cross the neighborhoods of Santos Reis, Rocas and Ribeira, the city center and the Cathedral, and a craft center, with time to stop and buy souvenirs.

We leave in the early evening for a venue in Natal, where we will appreciate the traditional forró, northeastern brazil traditional dance, with dancers who leave no one standing. The different moemnts of the show set the tone of humor and fun of the evening.

Heading off to Pipa beach, 90 km from Natal. Considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil, is a place of ecological characteristics of cliffs, where part of the Atlantic Forest still covers our coastline is preserved. A fantastic day of visit, enjoying the nature and the attractions.

Full day tour in buggy departing from hotel, crossing the bridge over the river Potengi, walking the beaches of Redinha, Santa Rita, Jenipabú, Barra do Rio, Graçandu, Pitangui, until you reach the Jacuma site. Along the way, climb the famous dunes of Jenipabú where the most exciting part of this tour: the ride of dune, with stops in three major natural lakes Jenipabú, Pitangui and Jacuma.

Praia de Barra do Cunhaú tour – Baia Formosa tour – FD Galinhos tour



What to consider before traveling?
  • Leave a good luggage space reserved for fresh clothes, as the heat in the city is very strong all year.
  • If you want to stretch the trip, remember that Natal is the closest capital to Fernando de Noronha. The flights to the most famous archipelago of Brazil are even shorter than those coming out of Recife and last less than an hour.
  • When you are on the beaches and use chairs and umbrellas, ask the amount charged by them. Each place works in a way, but usually requires up minimal consumption when using the equipment.
  • The city is not dangerous, but it is advisable to stay in the most used by tourists districts where policing is greater. Avoid the beaches in the center and give preference to Ponta Negra.
  • Every purchase made with credit or debit card will require you to go to the cashier to pay, even if you are in a restaurant. For determination of a law, the card machines are just next to the box, where it emits the invoice. If you do not want to face line, always walk with cash.



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