Trancoso is nowadays one of the most sought beach destinations in Brazil. It is recognized for its amazing beaches, the charming village and a very rich culture. Trancoso is located in the south of Bahia, with easy access via Porto Seguro Airport, and at about 800 kilometers from Salvador.

Trancoso has lovely views and breathtaking scenery, it is a village which offers at the same time five-star accommodations with impeccable cuisine, and keeps it simple with a rustic charm.
Trancoso, is the right claimed palce for a romantic evening. Also ideal for friends and families, Trancoso offers a wide variety of restaurants of all kinds.

The climate in Trancoso could not be better, there is sun almost all year long which attracts many tourists from all over Brazil and the world.

It resemble a large desert, it rains there, 300 times more than in the African Sahara. Are these waters, trapped between the dunes, form true tropical oasis.



When scheduling your trip to Trancoso you need to ask yourself what you want to find. If it is hectic, a lot of people, it is good to go during Carnival and New Year’s Eve; whether beaches with less people, go in the off season.

The truth is that, like Porto Seguro, Trancoso welcomes tourists all year long. Summer (December to March) is the best time to experience the city in full swing, since everything is working, shops and restaurants.

We indicate the trip in the summer, not only to see how the city is happy, but also to be able to enjoy all that it can offer.

The average annual temperature is around 25 ° C, but reaches maximum 40 ° C in summer. On the winter, which is also the most frequent time of rain, the average falls to 21 ° C.



Trancoso is part of the municipality of Porto Seguro where national flights arrive. It is located in South of Porto Seguro, about 1h15 by car or van.

By plane

The nearest airport to Trancoso is Porto Seguro airport, a few kilometers from the city center. After arriving at the airport you will need to cross the river on a raft. Porto Seguro Airport is the primary means of access to visitors. The airport is small, but there are daily arrivals and departures between major cities.



Below is the description of available tours in Trancoso.

Riding in the region is experiencing different sensations. All the beauty beauty varies between beach and Atlantic forest make this trip an unforgettable experience.
It’s a sport that involves strength and dexterity. The local trails follow paths with typical Atlantic Forest vegetation and the breeze from the sea, makes it a remarkable experience.

We are sure that one of the best tour in TRANCOSO is to relax on the beach. How to resist in the place where the temperature is always nice, and the ocean always warm.



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