Bento Gonçalves

OVERVIEW of Bento Gonçalves

Brazil´s Capital of Wine

Charismatic and receptive, thus describes the Brazilian Capital of Wine. Located in the Serra Gaucha, Bento Gonçalves enchants everyone for their cuisine, culture and natural beauty. Making the city an important tourist destination. Its industrial and tourist vocation, its landscapes “of embroidered vines” and the claw of his people make the city a distinctive and welcoming place.

With 382 square kilometers and more than 100 000 inhabitants, consisting of descendants of Italians, Polishes and afro-Brazilian, Bento Gonçalves stands by furniture, 8% of national production and 40% of state production and winemaking, which is the third largest economy of the municipality. Bento Gonçalves is also the first city in Brazil to obtain the indication of origin for the wines produced in the Vale dos Vinhedos.

The city lies surrounded by mountains and valleys of the Serra Gaucha, 113 km from Porto Alegre. The Brazilian Capital of Wine stands out for quality of life, measured by the HDI, the index aggregates data as longevity, health, education and income.



Bento Gonçalves is a good destination to go all year long. To travel to two, prefer the winter, when low temperatures are perfect for romantic programs.

To closely monitor the harvest, go in the summer (around January, 15) – in some wineries, visitors can participate in the activity. During the harvest, yet it is offered wine tastings and typical events. Also in the summer, in odd years, the Fenavinho happens with concerts, tastings and folk shows on weekends.

For wine tasting purpose, the wineries will welcome you any time during the year. Yes, there is good wine in Brazil too.



By plane

The nearest airport is in Caxias do Sul, 39 km away from Bento Gonçalves. The airport of Porto Alegre is at about 120 km. It is recommended to take a private or regular transfer to reach the destination.

 You can contract one of our drivers to make the transfer easier.
By bus

The main bus companies circulating in the region are: Itapemirim and Penha (which has routes to other countries as well).



See below the tours offered to discover the largest Brazilian wine region.  Numbers of Italian immigrants have populated and brought culture and knowledge in the region in the last 150 years. A step in the history and wine tasting.

Italian immigrants were legitimate representatives of peasant culture. Totally devoid of material goods brought for the District of St. Peter the richness of their cultural values, expressed in religiosity, at work and on valuing family. Today it is still possible to experience all these traditions in Stone Paths. A route that rescues the Italian cultural heritage.

Located between the cities of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Monte Belo do Sul, in the Serra Gaucha, you´ll visit the first region in Brazil to obtain the indication of origin of their products by displaying the Seal Control and sparkling wines produced in the wineries associated. One of the most beautiful scenarios of the Grape and Wine region.

The wine tourism is a segment of tourism that is based on the journey motivated by the appreciation of the flavor and aroma of wines and traditions and typicality of the locations that produce the product. Visits to wineries accompanied by a winemaker who explains the process of winemaking and sparkling, presentation of the company’s facilities and guidance in product tasting (sensory analysis).

The magic of a memorable steam train ride from Bento Gonçalves. There are 23 km of pleasant route with an average duration of two hours. During the ride, the party is led by Italian attractions typical, Gaucho and theater. Visit the outlet Tramontina in Carlos Barbosa, the dairy Fetina of Formaio for tasting various types of cheeses, meats, jams, biscuits and other colonial products of the region.

The excursion of the Antas River Valley is one of the most beautiful natural scenery of Bento Gonçalves, always worth snaked by the Antas River forms a lush landscape. In this path you’ll easily find great quality products like wines, sparkling wines, liqueurs, cachaça, juices and crafts. Visitors can watch the waters of the Rio das Antas forming a huge ‘horseshoe’ around a mountain.

Visit the Aurora Cooperative Winery in the heart of Bento Gonçalves, began operations in 1931 with 16 families of grape growers and now has 1,100 member families, the largest wine cooperative in Latin America. After, visit the Salton Winery located in the valley of the Rio das Antas district Tuiuty. Stunning ride with the most breathtaking view of the region!

The Bento City Tour offers visitors a walk through the history of the city. The marks left from the arrival of the first Italian immigrants, with their traditions and customs, are shown in this script. The tour is guided by professionals in oenology and offer tastings of products at the end of the tour.

Known as the mountain region of Bento Gonçalves, 750 meters high, Pinto Bandeira is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Serra Gaucha. The path toward the urban part is full of mountains and valleys that alternate, drawing a gorgeous embossed with wonderful and amazing landscapes. Visit of wineries: Valmarino Geisse and Don Giovanni..

Located north of the city of Bento Gonçalves, Paths script Faria Lemos has rugged topography which stresses the Valley Aurora, a region with strong production of grapes. Immigrants from the Veneto and Trento, northern Italy, found the ideal conditions to develop the art of wine on the slopes of Faria Lemos. Today, the descendants celebrate these flavors and memories in the wineries, Historic Route.

The dream of a man who began creating his own roots in Garibaldi, in 1913, when, using a natural fermentation process, created by the French abbot Don Perignon, produced the first Brazilian champagne. Today the magic of bubbles continues. It was no accident that the city received the title of Earth’s Champagne. Also, not incidentally, their history is increasingly attracting people in search of the ‘flavor of the stars’, that only the sparkling done here can offer.



The region can be cold in winter, do not forget warm clothes.

The summer can be hot and the sun strong, do not forget your sun cream.

You will probably want to bring some bottles with you. Be aware that you have only have the right of 23 kgs per person for domestic flights. You can ask for importation conditions to the wineries.

Alcohol abuses are dangerous for health.



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