Buzios presents in the Lakes region is more internationally famous oversea, much sought by Frenches and other Europeans, shortly after the actress Brigitte Bardot visited it in 1964. The site is already attractive for centuries for its beautiful beaches, having presence since colonial times. Recognized since 1995 as a municipality, it has its charm tourists distinguished by its 23 beaches in its 70km square . The population is 30,000 inhabitants, seen as an old fishing village, but received a big investment and today offers hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars with great sophistication, which earned the nickname “Brazilian Saint-Tropez” enchanting many couples, families and bringing several artists. Búzios brazil

Argentinians invested in the region in the 1970s and because of this mixture of ethnicity, it influenced the development and cultural exchange. The large presence of youth bring to the palce, practice of water and air sports, and contact with plenty of hype on Rua das Pedras, a mystical place where the famous Porto da Barra’s bar cqlled ‘Anexo Bar’ is, specially designed for couples. At best the Orla Bardot, there’s more buzz for singles and if you want a romantic dinner, check in Porto da Barra in Manguinhos. This idyllic location turning in the summer where all the attractions get more in the afternoon.



The charm and the beaches of Buzios can be explored all year long. To chime, go in the summer and holidays, when the movement is intense – get ready, however, to traffic jams and the competition for places in the vicinity of Rua das Pedras. Between September and November, there is a great incidence of winds, bring a jacket.

In winter, the frozen waters may not be so inviting, however, the city holds the Gastronomic Festival in July. In November, the eyes turn to the Búzios Cine Festival, which brings together fans of the seventh art, actors and directors, with film screenings in Gran Cine Bardot and also in the square Santos Dumont.

Gastronomic Festival of Búzios

The festival bring a fantastic time in July in Búzios, when more than 60 restaurants mount special dishes that are served in counter tops in the Ocean street  called Bardot (yes, as the famous french model), Rua das Pedras Street and Manuel Toribio de Farias, plus the Porto da Barra and Domme space, both in Manguinhos.

Cinema Festival of Búzios

Lovers of the seventh art take place in Búzios in November. Trendy, the event presents releases of domestic and foreign film industry, with sessions at the Gran Cine Bardot and also in the Praça Santos Dumont.



The closest airport is in Cabo Frio, about 30 kms from Búzios. But most of turist come from Rio de Janeiro and prefer the land transfers by car, van or executive buses from either hotels in the south zone (Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Center) or from the national airport (GIG and SDU).

Perhaps the fact that the Brazilian destination that receives more cruise (70 ships per season) can explain the great mix of accents in Buzios. The region frequently receives tourists coming from all over the world.

The hospitality and friendliness of its people is a differential, in addition to the hardiness of the Union fishing village with the elegance and sophistication of a French resort that makes all who visit it wanting to return to Búzios.

By plane

The easieast way to reach Buzios is landing in Cabo Frio national Airport, which is 30 km from Búzios. As there is no international flights to this airport for tourists from outside Brazil to seek air tickets to Buzios, it is best to arrive in Campinas – SP (Viracopos) and catch the direct flight to Cabo Frio. Viracopos International Airport is located in Campinas, a city about 100 km from São Paulo. But the Cabo Frio Airport (the closest to Buzios) has excellent infrastructure with a capacity terminal for 300 passengers and the second largest and safest track for takeoffs and landings of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

However, most the tourists arrive in Rio de Janeiro for a stay. Everybody stops in Rio de Janeiro to enjoy the marvelous city! Then, the most convenient way is to get a transfer by car, van or executive bus to Búzios.

The transfer can last from 2h30 to 4h00 depending of the period.



High on the list of most visited city by foreigners, Florianópolis enchants for its variety of beaches and the ability to please all audiences.  Known as Magic Island, it is customary to say that the capital has 42 beaches, but some say this number is even higher. You like to catch a wave? You can go there without blinking! You do not like to rough seas and prefers calm waters? You can go too. The city actually has all sorts of beach: deserted, busy, dunes, nature, and so on.

How about visit the beaches of the peninsula from another angle? The most complete tour covers 12 beaches, three islands and the schooner makes two stops for snorkeling. Who wants a ride in a faster and reserved, a hint boat is the catamaran, which has clear glass bottom, from where you can observe all marine nature.

Visit areaa of virgin rainforest in Buzios, the Serra das Emerências is sliced by trails that lead hikers to the most inhospitable places, exploring its mountains and hillsides and providing mind-blowing views that give a real sense of the peninsula. The mountain is characterized by small coastal massifs of Precambrian origin, highlighting endemic specimens.

Mountains and waterfalls in Arraial do Sana is justified by the natural beauty of the region: rivers, waterfalls and mountains that surround the town. An ideal spot for hikers and those who enjoy river rafting and abseiling in Macae stone pigeon breast.

Baptisms and diving lessons in Buzios. Diving is very practiced in Buzios, because its coast is rich in marine life. Ocean currents coming from the south of the continent bring rich nutrients that attract large fish such as grouper, grouper and giant stingray. Corals, friars, anchovies, barracudas and even green turtles can also be sighted. The crystalline and calm water harmonizes with the well-preserved vegetation.

First stop at the look out of the cliffs of the Chapada and stop for photos, visit the marina and harbor Manso Manso Dam. Then we dive in the Enchanted Aquarius River. We follow the village for a delicious swim in the creek resort stowed with various types of fish.

Meet the lookouts and beaches in Búzios trolley. It is a lovely walk for 12 beaches and two lookouts on high and fully open vehicle, which provides an amazing and without ‘frames’ view. Where can smell the sea, the fresh air, the breeze and everything it takes to get a sense of real contemplation of the most beautiful places and not always popular.



What to consider before traveling?
  • Who will go in the summer should be prepared for major traffic jams on access roads to the beaches. A good idea is to get to the beach before 9am and leave before 15h.
  • Sun cream is essential ad have to be applied every 2 to 4 hours.
  •  Prepare your trip in advance as hotels get fully booked quickly in the high season.



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