Beautiful colonial city, Paraty is considered as National Historic Landmark, preserves until today its countless natural and architectural charms. Stroll through the historic center of Paraty is entering another era, where walking is slow due to the stones “feet-of-brat” of its streets.
The construction of their houses and churches reflect a period style and the mysterious Masonic symbols that adorn its walls lead us to imagine what life was like in Brazil of yesteryear.

A ban on car traffic in the Center contributes to this trip the “Time Tunnel”. The city was founded in 1667 around the Church of Our Lady of Remedies, their patron saint. Had great economic importance due to the mills cane sugar.
In the eighteenth century, stood out as an important port through which flowed from Minas Gerais, gold and precious stones that embarked for Portugal. However, with the construction of a new way of Royal Road, ending directly in Rio de Janeiro, the city has led to a great isolated economy. After opening the Paraty-Cunha road, and especially after the construction of the Rio-Santos Highway in the 70s, Paraty becomes hub of national and international tourism, due to its good condition and thanks to its natural beauties .
In the area, there are the National Park of Bocaina Mountains, the area of Cairuçu Environmental Protection, where is the village of Trindade, the Reserve Joatinga, and also borders on the State Park of Serra do Mar. In other words , Atlantic Forest is everywhere.



At any time of the year, Paraty is an interesting place to visit. If you like animation, motion and a lot of people, so the high season, especially carnival, will be your best choice, but make reservations in advance. The coldest months (June to August) offer more calm and tranquility.

High Season

The Brazilian holiday season starts the day after Christmas and ends in the Carnival (usually in late February or early March). Most Hostels forms a daily package for the holidays like New Year, Carnival and Easter, and if you are visiting Paraty in one of these periods, you won´t be able to break these packages and will have to pay for the entire period.


The best time to visit Paraty or the State of Rio, with reference to the climate, it is between the months of May and August, when the region has more wind and the temperature is around 22-32ºC. Between December and March, during the rainy season, the humidity is high and the temperature reaches 40 ° C. You should not underestimate the sun: drink plenty of water and do not try to tan quickly in the sun at noon. Sunscreen is compulsory!



It is accessible either from Rio de Janeiro (235 kms) or from São Paulo (300 kms). We will obviously recommend to arrive by plane in any airport of Rio de Janeiro or São paulo.

It is a good reason as well to visit these 3 destinations in a row. Arriving in Rio de Janeiro, staying for 3, 4 nights, then Paraty for 2, 3 nights and head off to São Paulo for few nights.

We will suggest to book regular or private transfers for a better comfort and the assurance that everything will be going well.



Beyond of being one important tourist town due to its beauty, its authenticity, its history and architecture, all immersed in between mountains and ocean, Paraty offers activities of all kinds and for all ages.

The Jeep Tours happens out of Paraty and bound the Bocaina Mountains National Park. After walking trails through the rainforest, visit beautiful waterfalls such as the Padra Branca, natural setting for photographic materials, nestled in the forest with all its pristine biodiversity, great opportunity to observe many species of birds in the region and have direct contact with the local flora.

Unlike other colonial cities, the architecture of Paraty has character, originality and definition forming a harmonious architectural ensemble of the sixteenth century. Paraty is today a National Historic Monument and World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. Experienced guides will tell interesting legends and stories of past centuries.

Meet the village of Trinity … Located 30 minutes away from Paraty, Trindade offers 4 beautiful beaches (Cepilho, Ranch, Middle and Cachadaço) surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, forming a beautiful backdrop. A true invitation to nature lovers … Ideal to enjoy and relax.

Trail of approximately 1 hour and a half through the forest, on the way, you will see different types of vegetation, birds can be observed, You also will go through a spring, where you can cool off, until you reach the Praia do Sono meaning ‘beach of sleep

Rafting is held in Rio Mambucaba that is inserted into the Bocaina Sierra National Park. It is a river of clear water in the middle of a lush rainforest. Rafting involves the last five miles of rapids which are composed of class II and III rapids with one that can reach Class IV according to the level of the river, ideal for expert and beginners.

The walk (3.6 km), has an average level. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Bocaina Mountains National Park where you can enjoy various landscapes and species of flora and fauna characteristics of the Atlantic Forest. The guide will provide all the explanations about the type and pavement, the material found in the excavations, the characteristics of the Atlantic Forest…

Located in a safe place within the nature, a highly qualified team will welcome you and will providfe quality equipment. It has an area of training where an instructor explains clearly the activities and safety rules before starting any activity of tree climbing.

Rent a bike and go through the village and further to the beach and the different trails in town.

The ride is accompanied by an expert guide in which will support you throughout the tour. Ride are or beginners to expert, stopping in excellent waterfall for bathing, with several trails through the forest, passing through vast area with gazebo, where you have a breathtaking view of the Bay of Paraty. The horses are well maintained for your safety and welfare.

Saco de Mamanguá has a very jagged coastline, forming 33 small sandy beaches connected by rocky headlands. The hills and mountains surrounding the Mamanguá are occupied by Atlantic Forest. This environment is formed by the integration of different forest ecosystems, the mangrove and a laugh (fjord) tropical. With interdependent elements forming an efficient chain and ecological function of marine nursery.

It is dedicated to the practice of birdwatching and has approximately 02 km of walking through the lush greenery duly cataloged and trees. There is a tower of 05 meters height, with eaters birds and a lookout over the city and the bay. It has been recorded in the park more than 100 species of birds with photographic and sound recordings

Paraty has 65 islands and hundreds of beaches of rare beauty, surrounded by lush vegetation which makes it a quiet and unforgettable place, ideal for snorkelling. Get into a traditional schooner for four stops at two beaches and two islands. You can make free diving with mask and snorkel, with the advantage of a clear water.

All type of scuba diving are offered for beginners to experts. Paraty offers various diving sites such as lha Deserta, Ilhote dos Meros, Ilha dos Meros, Ilha dos Cocos, Parcel dos Meros. The choice of the site will be amde a day before the tour.”][accordion title=”SCUBA DIVING” color=”yellow” content=”All type of scuba diving are offered for beginners to experts. Paraty offers various diving sites such as lha Deserta, Ilhote dos Meros, Ilha dos Meros, Ilha dos Cocos, Parcel dos Meros. The choice of the site will be amde a day before the tour.

Tour by the Bay of Paraty in ocean kayaks, you will make stops to a beach and an island to take a rest and do snorkeling, there is also the possibility of crossing the mangrove Corumbê. During the tour you can explore the flora and fauna of the region, without sacrificing the adventure.

In Paraty or around, you will be able to visit Caiçara area, Quilombola area, and get some massages to relax, spa therapy….



  • Thanks to the tropical climate and informal atmosphere, the way you dress is very casual.
  • Shirts, shorts, sundresses and sandals are mandatory use here.
  • Sneakers or comfortable shoes are also very used to visit waterfalls, do trails and other areas, including the historic downtown streets of stone called “Pé de Molech.”
  • Sunscreen and sun glasses are compulsory. There are ATM machine in the city.



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