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São Paulo city – The active metropolis: Religious built a school on a small hill next to Tamanduateí Anhangabaú and rivers, where they celebrated a mass. That was on January 25, 1554, which marks the anniversary of São Paulo. Nearly five centuries later, the village of Piratininga became a city of 18 million inhabitants. Those times, there remain only the foundations of the building made by priests and Indians in Pateo do Collegio.

In the 1970s, the service sector has gained greater prominence in São Paulo’s economy. The industries have migrated to cities of São Paulo, as the so-called ABCD (Santo André, São Bernardo do Campo, São Caetano do Sul and Diadema). Today, São Paulo is the financial center of Latin America and it still gets Brazilian expatriates working and open arms and live in São Paulo, in an environment of tolerance and respect for diversity of faiths, ethnicity, sexual orientations and tribes.

Fascinating, São Paulo is a superlative metropolis at all, even in diversity. Seething cauldron of styles and cultures where 70 nationalities live together, is also a great entertainment center: more than 280 cinemas, 180 theaters, more than 90 110 museums and cultural centers, and numerous nightclubs of the most many styles for one of the busiest nights of the planet. Not to mention the shopping – with 79 malls and dozens of specialized shopping streets. And the food – more than 12 500 restaurants, with 52 types of cuisine from all over the world. For reasons like this, well worth discovering this global city, full of knowledge, trends, smells and colors.



Any time of year calls to know São Paulo, its cultural, attractions, the gastronomy, and the nightlife. The winter months can register severe cold, summer can some rains which might flood the streets.

In the summer, the heat can be a problem for those who do not like high temperature but a walk on the Ibirapuera park will resolve everything.

The metro is quite good and will help you go through the different paces of the city, but please, do not use it on the rush time.



Overall, there are many transportation options: planes and buses arrive all day, from various Brazilian cities.
The highlight, however, is due to the numerous flights arriving to the three airports of São paulo:

  •  São Paulo/Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport (GRU)
  •  São Paulo/Congonhas Airport (CGH)
  •  Viracopos/Campinas International Airport (VCP)

For international arrivals, we will strongly suggest to arrive in GRU and not VCP due to the very far distance from the city center.

For national arrivals, if the fares are good, take first the option of CGH which is close by the city center.

By plane

Both International Airport Guarulhos (GRU) and Congonhas Airport are good options to reach the city. São Paulo is always part of the promotions of airlines and has a very many flights departing to various Brazilian cities.

Travel to São Paulo by flight is usually cheaper when the journey is made by Guarulhos (GRU), but this airport, unfortunately, does not have the best of locations and is farther from the city center.

Arriving at Congonhas Airport is a lot easier not only for the central location but also by the variety of transport.

By bus

The São Paulo bus station (Rodoviária in Portuguese), which is close to the center and the South Zone (Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon), has daily arrivals and departures of the main Brazilian bus company, as Águia Branca, 1001, Itapemirim e São Geraldo.



São Paulo is a city in tune, cutting-edge, generating trends, styles and customs. The business capital of culture, entertainment and gastronomy in Latin America, is a global city, formed by people from over 70 different nationalities and offspring.

For all this grandeur and diversity, there are countless possible excursions in the city, all with guaranteed fun.

This tour is ideal for those who want to get to know each attraction in detail and with no rush, giving due attention to each site we visit. Besides the attractions listed in the São Paulo City Tour Express, we will visit the following places:

Municipal Market:

A vibrant building, inaugurated in São Paulo in 1932. Besides coming in contact with the Brazil great gastronomical variety, you will be able to try the famous pastel de bacalhau (a fried pastry with salt-cod filling) or a sandwich with more than 400 grams of mortadela (meals not included in price).

Neighborhood of Jardins:

One of the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan neighborhoods in São Paulo, Jardins combines the urban beauty of high society with high finance and luxury commerce.

Vila Madalena:

São Paulo’s most prominent bohemian neighborhood, replete with art studios and one of the main areas for urban art in the city. Here we will visit Praça do Pôr do Sol (Sunset Square), which boasts one of the most beautiful views in the Capital.

Living the experience of Brazilian football in an exciting and unforgettable spectacle for tourists from around the world. You will visit the stadiums and the football museum and feel the fever of each Brazilian football fans

A “Gourmet Tour” is a different and fun way to learn the history and culture of a city through its food. In this tour you will enjoy a mix of tastings of our favorite places and learn more about local life. Experience the best finds that the city has to offer in our tours that are ideal for all ages and tastes.

Enjoy São Paulo by night with a panoramic car tour. Take a chance to visit the bohemian neighborhood with bars, restaurants to have a good time or stop for a drink at Skye rooftop restaurant or Terraço Itália with gorgeous views of the city.”][accordion title=”EMBU DAS ARTES” color=”yellow” content=”Art, antiques and crafts in this beautiful tour less than 1 hour from São Paulo. With five centuries of history the city is home to one of the most charming craft fairs in the country.

With 622 Km of extension, Sao Paulo’s coastline has all types and sizes of beaches. Can you imagine how many surf spots there are in all this extension? This activity is for those who are more familiarized with surfing but also for who which to have his first experience.. Learning surf will bring you many benefits as a healthier life and being in touch with the nature.

In São Paulo or around, you will be able to enjoy scuba diving, hiking, skydiving, skate, rafting….



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