Our Approaches

We work hard to make the best services and hoteliers selection in the most popular Brazilian destinations. Traveling is a pleasurable choice and we understand this well. And we want you to have as much choices as possible for a true and complete experience.

What we do

We provide a complete travel platform with all type of products from the best service providers that you may wish to enjoy for a complete experience in our country.



We have selected the best service providers in our country to provide the greatest experience.



From transfers to a boa tour in the Amazon, we have selected a large number of experiences with great specialists.



Brazil is considered one of the most beautiful destination in the world, a mix of the greatest nature and a unique culture.



We have served many clients from all over the world. We speak several languages to orientate who is in need.

"The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands."

Voyager à l'extérieur de votre pays offre une occasion de comparer les autres grandes civilisations du monde moderne et ancien.

Sir Richard Burton


Leadership Team

Fabrice Theveny

Travel manager

Giselle Schaeffer

Travel consultant

Fabio Passos

Managing edition

Carolina Dias

Partner assistante

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