North Pantanal


The North Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world. Situated in the state of Mato Grosso. it is a region of vast biodiversity providing opportunities for tourists to know numerous species of Brazilian fauna and flora. In ‘Pantanal Norte’ exists over 500 different species of birds providing a very attractive birdwatching, different types of mammals such as the jaguar, giant otters, capybaras, anteaters, among others.

A place bathed by large rivers, which provide fishing of big fish such as ‘pintado’, ‘cachara’, ‘golden’, and the famous peacock attracting fishermen from all over the world, in some of its major destinations disputes as the greatest sport fishing championship in Cáceres – MT.
The access is possible through Transpantaneira tarck, a true safari track that crosses numerous rivers of the region, a safe great adventure with people who know the area.



Avoid the period of floods and rains from December to May, the number of insects at this time may annoy, and the access may not be possible for some of the lodges which are located at the end of the Pantaneira road. The chance to see animals is lower, especially Jaguars.

However, it is a great period for those who like sport fishing.

The best period is during the dry season in the Pantanal, from late May to late October. The chance to see more wildlife is in the dry season as the water level is lower and animals can reach the rivers borders with ease.



The best way to access your lodge in the Pantanal is to arrive by air in the city of Cuiabá, then contract a guide which will drive you at your destination. Transfers are operated by professional local guides. Our guides speak several language (Portuguese, English, Spanish, french, German…) Ask your travel agent for further information. For some period of the year, the rain does not allow the access far on the transpantaneira road due to over flooding (February to end of May)

By plane

There are several airlines, including Tam, Gol and Azul operating flights to Cuiabá departing from the main Brazilian capitals.



Below is the description of available tours in North Pantanal. All tours are included in the packages. (Depending of the length stay).

At your arrival at the lodge, you´ll will be monitoring by the guide, for a recognition of the property, the Riverside Walkway and a short walk on the Trail.
On this tour, you will descend the Rio Claro, for about 50 minutes, where there will be the possibility to see monkeys, howler monkeys, otters, great variety of birds and caimans, depending of the period of the year, we will ahve the chance to see jaguars.

In safari truck, doing a route of about 16 kilometers in total, by the Transpantaneira, where there will be the opportunity to observe animals and birds with stops for photos and explanation of the fauna and flora.

This hiking along the rivers is recommended for bird watchers, since there is a wide variety in this forest. The variety of birds in Pantanal is pretty exceptional.

The tour will be done by canoes or typical Pantanal boat. On this tour, you will have row the boat along the river, with the sky still dark, and then you will contemplate the wonderful sunrise and changes of colours, with the awakening of life in the Pantanal with songs of various birds.

On this tour, you will descend the River, about 50 minutes, where there will be few stops for Piranha fishing with your guide, on bamboo poles. A very fun activity.

On this tour, you will have the experience of the daily labour of the Pantaneiro Man to get the Cattle to the farm, where there will be demonstrations of lace and loops, cures calves, gasket and Livestock, with stops to take the typical Grated Guarana.

You have have some instructions for horse riding and harnesses used by Pantaneiros. On this tour you will ride in a place where there will be droughts and flooded parts with aspects of Pantanal landscape and will have possibility to see Deer, Peccary, Tortoise, and several kinds of birds.

In safari truck, doing a route of about 06 kilometers in total, where there will be the possibility of observing nocturnal animals by night.



What to consider before traveling?
  •  Drinking water is very important when visiting the wetland to avoid dehydration and malaise.
  •  It is very hot in the region, so put many light clothes in the bag, sunscreen and sunglasses.
  •  Take your repellent always with you. As the region is full of rivers, the number of mosquitoes can be high.
  •  Be sure to try fish, fruit, caiman if possible. The fishes of the region are just great.
What to bring?
  • Light clothes
  • Sneakers or closed shoes
  • Towel and bathing suits
  • Raincoat – Hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent to insects
  • Cash for drinks and souvenirs
  • Happiness



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