The Criola is a civil society organization founded in 1992, conducted by black women. CRIOLA defines his performance from the defense and promotion of black women rights in an integrated and transversal perspective. They aim at the inclusion of black women as agents of change, contributing to build a society based on values of justice, equity and solidarity, in which the presence and contribution of black women to be accepted as a good of humanity.

Virtual racism. The consequences are real

Internet offers the liberty of expression as a fact and had turned sometimes into an offensive and disrespectful platform of racism posts. Does an unhappy comment on the internet can generate real effects in an increasingly connected society? To answer this question and participate in the mobilization in response to racism on social networks against Maria Julia Coutinho, the Maju, Criola created in partnership with urban furniture businesses, billboards and bus doors with actual messages posted on Facebook against the journalist. To give more impact to the action, they have used the GeoTag tool that finds the comments and show the places where they were made to display the panels near the residences of the authors of the statement in the cities of Americana, Guarulhos and Feira de Santana. With the slogan”virtual Racism. The consequences are real. “, The action is intended to show that the web is not a free territory to display messages of hate, racism and prejudice and that such actions will have consequences for their authors, whether through legislation or exposure of the review for the judgment of all.