Hang Gliding is a fantastic wind sports and it is practiced in Rio de Janeiro. It is a recreational sport that uses a craft often consisting of a metal-framed fabric wing, with the pilot mounted on a harness hanging from the wing frame. He exercises control by shifting his body weight against a triangular bar, also attached to the frame. Hang gliding is very popular world-wide.

HANG GLIDING IN RIO DE JANEIRO. Enjoy a tandem flight. This activity happens in Pedra Bonita on the neighborhood of São Conrado, next beach after Ipanema and Leblon beach (about 20 to 40 minutes), on top of the beautiful mountain and over the forest called Tijuca Forest.

You don`t need any experience since the pilot takes control of the whole flight. After a short lecture and training on the procedures, you will be ready to fly.

During the flight, all you do is to smile at the camera and enjoy the view. The landing area is on Pepino beach, with its clear waters and white sands. The activity is realized by very experienced guides, who have many years of tandem flight experience and are certified by the Brazilian Hang Gliding Association.